Are you looking for a quality, custom designed fishing shirt?
We do a wide range of custom items for all of your fishing & adventure needs
stubby coolers - hats - shorts - hoodies - brag mats & more!

25 units minimum.

25 units minimum

25 units minimum

50 units minimum

Face Buffs
50 units minimum

Brag Mats
50 units minimum

Pricing and Quantity
We offer a wide range of customization with limitless possibilities. To provide you with an accurate quote, we need to understand your preferences. When requesting a quote, consider factors such as the type of clothing, the quantity you want, your design, and the delivery date. Our friendly team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


Our Process


Our support team will assist you in selecting the best approach for your project. We'll discuss the various clothing options, materials, and designs available.


Feel free to share any existing design concepts you have, and if you prefer, we can also craft a customized design that aligns with your unique preferences and vision


SpooledOut Australia excels in crafting premium fishing attire through the application of advanced techniques, leveraging extensive design and production expertise.


SpooledOut Australia proudly provides global shipping, partnering with major delivery lines for a top-notch customer experience personalized to your requirements.

Our Services



SpooledOut Australia offers diverse stock designs for customization. Bring your ideas to life with bold graphics or minimalist designs. Contact us for design ideas


The production time for each manufacturing option begins after artwork, garment style, and order confirmation. Duration varies based on quantity and design complexity; inform our team of any deadlines.


After approving your artwork and quote, you'll receive an order form with a size chart. Please size up each shirt before submitting. Upon completion, expect order confirmation, an invoice, and delivery ETA.